01 Apr 2014

About Secret Sauce Partners

Secret Sauce Partners provides powerful technologies to clothing retailers. Improving their customers shopping experience and retailers revenue at the same time. SSP is a startup based in San Francisco.

Secret Sauce Partners website

Job description

I have been involved in front-end development and architecture. Our team had to face serious scaling problems for our main product. I have helped to build a solution for the front-end part. This solution consists of a skin system for our product GUI.

I also developed a tool that made life easier for everybody in the company on my own initiative. This boosted the workflow for marketing, developers and QA persons.

We also presented demos for all our products in the USA to important clothing retailers or brands like Gap. I was assisting our CEO and product manager remotely. I was also iterating quickly on prototypes development during our usability testing sessions.


  • HTML5, CSS3
  • less
  • Grunt, nodejs
  • browser extensions
  • Angular, Backbone
  • Amazon cloud services